Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hello, and Happy New Year!

EDIT~! TODAY's DATE: April 17th, 2010

Hello ya'll...!!! ....again.... -_-"

Here's to giving it another go! I tried starting up this blog a couple years back and it didn't happen, sooooo here I am! Hopefully this time I won't flake out. Cough*

For those who care, I want to do this blog right now for a couple of different reasons: I miss blogging (I used to be a xanga whore back in the day, and I MISS IT!), I've also been meaning to do some sort of a makeup tutorial kind-of a thing, and while I've been wanting to do it more professionally--fug it. Here goes nothing... if I don't do it now it's never gonna happen!! And lastly, I feel like this way people can get to know me more. I can be crazy lil ol' me. This will be my little space online that will be my lil' bubble and the gnarlies can't hate on me because they're... well, gnarly! And if they do, I'll smoosh 'em to submission with my verbal wizardry. HEh heh heHhh... O_- ...givin' em the stink eye*

Anypoo, thanks for swinging by. I promise this will have more flavor soon. And while I hope not to divulge tmi like I did in the days of my xanga-ness, I'll probably somehow manage to... do it again, somehow. Lol. I make no promises except that this blog will serve to make me happy and hopefully help you occasionally if you ask me makeup questions. ^-^*