Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene sucks.

But my blog doesn't. Haha! I'm probably growing more delirious (and cheesy) by the moment. O.o It's entirely psychological, I admit it, but knowing that you simply don't have a choice in staying in makes ya squirmy! So I figured I'd scribble in some photo notes on my blog while I'm stuck.  ;)

I did the makeup for a particularly awesome bride the other weekend, and she had her wedding at a venue called Oheka Castle in Long Island, which was absolutely spectacular. (Google it!) Here are a couple snap shots from my little iphone. They were a very inspiring couple. Dashing, successful, and clearly in love... but mostly they were awesome because they're genuine, caring, wonderful people. 

The venue was lovely, and it was very fitting for the couple it was setting the stage for. <3

Here are a couple before and afters of another bride and bridesmaid, too.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Korean Makeup Styles! :D

Hate to say it but I was never a huge fan of Korean style makeup. I guess you can say it's an "Eastern" vs. "Western" Aesthetic, but I was just never big on white face and pastel eyeshadows. I don't know if it's the plastic surgery that's getting better (hehe) but the makeup's looking better and better in my eyes. The photos were taken from

I guess the following ladies are from a band called the 'Wonder Girls,' which have a ridiculous cult following in Asia.
I adore this. From her expression to the styling and hair, she looks exquisite! The makeup is fresh, minimal and sexy. 

Anyone that knows me knows that I am an absolute WHORE for ashy colored hair, so needless to say I love this!! The washed out brows go with the pale face and structured smokey eye. Delicious.

Honestly, not a huge fan of this one but maybe it's because I don't like red hair, maybe it's because I don't love her face. ...what??? I'm being honest! ;p

Love her lips. <3

Lady Gaga, anyone? The lips are perfection, though, and I love the look so WHATEVER!! :)

This is just pure sex.


This is a great example of how Korea's doing it right, now. She still has the bubble gum pop look, but it's flattering. Proper use of eyeliner (not just minimal like Korea's always done) really helps to open her eye and lends to the kitten look, and the lashes just add to it. Yay! Pale as hell, though, as usual. Ohhhh Asia. You love your pale face.

Adorable. <3

Thursday, August 11, 2011

long time no post :) helloooo...

Starting off with a delicious photo:
(I'm such a sucker for the bleached hair/brow look! ;)
Love the makeup... perfectly compliments the look. Strong but doesn't dominate. Playful touch with the glitter on the lips, and soft red eyeshadow, echoing the lipstick. Bare face with touches of highlights creates gorgeous luminosity and resonates with the rest of the "light look:" her hair, skin, clothing. Love! 
Taken from

This is also quite lovely. I love the transparency of the look, right down to the veininess(sp?) in her lids; here, it works! It's a very soft, ethereal, other worldly look and i LOVE it!!!

THEN... brace yourself.. wtH is this nonsense???? *horror*
For your sake, I've shrunken the image. What could possess someone to do this in the name of "beauty".... shudder.
Makes me wanna slap someone. I understand the concept, but at some point a MUA is responsible for taking a step back and saying "hey! this looks like shit!" of the graces of makeup is that you can simply erase and start over. -_- This photo makes me angry. Makeup shouldn't make people look scarier. Unless it's Special Effects makeup. >:T