Saturday, October 30, 2010

time for some inspiration :D

my picture hoarding for the day consists of...

deliciously kissable berry lips <3

untouchable sexy pinks xoxo~

clean lines are so delicious...!

monotone eyes... love.

exquisite profile #1

exquisite profile #2

O.O wide eyes <3 and candied lips 

new face: model i-forget-her-name. gorgeous.

living doll <3

one of my favorite vogue covers of all time. the water-color wash is heavenly (bravo meisel!)
cheers to ridiculously flawless skin and wearing makeup oh so effortlessly...

Lady G gives me hope that everyone can wear makeup beautifully!! is that mean? :x

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Life in NYC

I know it's going to take time for this blog to pick up momentum, but here goes writing to no one! ^-^ hehe... it's just a matter of getting addicted to blogging again. I just need to start blogging more frequently. Going to aim for at least a couple times a week. :) We shall see...!!

Aw crap I just realized no one knows me. Ok well let me give the most succinct blurb about myself that I think will be relevant to this here bloggy blog:
I'm (unfortunately) 28 years old ;( (I feel so old~!!!), lived in LA for 6~7 years and was a Makeup Artist during my time there (amongst other things) and recently moved to NY. My dream is to somehow do something awesome within the world of makeup and beauty, which is my passion, and I specialize in Asian Makeup. If you go on my website, you can read further on my background in makeup... don't want to be redundant! I am in absolutely in love with beauty, and I am genuinely interested and passionate about sharing my knowledge of Asian Makeup (and just... general makeup, for that matter) with the world. I would eventually like to perhaps start my own Makeup Line one day, but my primary passion is to educate everyone so they can look like the best version of themselves when they choose to!

With that little intro squared away, now onto the blabbing...! It's nearing 2 months since I arrived in NY, and I've gotta say I have no concept of time since I've gotten here. It feels like it's been longer than that but it also feels like time's flown by. I started working immediately since I got here at a Jewelry Designer's Company, Doris Panos Designs, and am still doing makeup on the side. I had a wedding waiting for me when I arrived here, which was nice! I had the pleasure of having an amazing client as my first here in NY so that was awesome. I'm in love with doing makeup because I feel tremendously blessed whenever I do someone's makeup. It's a gift to be able to show someone the beauty they always possessed. Here is an email I got yesterday from my first NY client! (And I share with a child-like heart, with disbelief and enthusiasm, not with pride...)

"Hi Renee:

Hope all is well. I don't even know where to begin to express how happy and beautiful you have made me on my day. Being an anal freak, I was being paranoid that I wouldn't look as beautiful as I wanted to on that special day, but you have far exceeded any hopes and expectations I had dreamed of. You are THE goddess of beauty. I not only looked like a superstar, I felt like one... and I know this could not have been a reality had it not been for your talent and skills (and girl, you got A LOT).

That being said, I am VERY interested in taking the make-up lessons you offer. Please send me the price list again. I also would like to know what it consists of... mainly, would I be able to duplicate (not exactly, as I lack the superior skills you obviously have) the look you have created for me on my wedding day.

Also, please know if anyone ever asks for a make-up artist, you will surely be recommended. And if you ever need me to write or give a review, please do NOT hesitate to ask. I owe you my firstborn for making me feel and look the bazillion bucks I did. You need to stay your pretty self in NY!

With love,

Ope! Oh no gotta go! At Bryant Park Library (soooo beautiful..) but they're closing. Here are some before and afters to close with:

 btw I never photoshop anything unless I say so! (I'm too lazy...) ;)