Saturday, November 12, 2011

Design back to nature. :)

I stumbled upon this website from a San Diego based store called Pigment.

...I'm in Love! ^-^

It's right up my alley. Friends that have been over to my place know that I love combining modern furniture with natural, eco-chic pieces. I've been obsessed with air plants recently. I got inspired from visiting my friend who works at ABC Home in NY when I was there and created a hanging branch chandelier with fishing wire to create a "floating" effect. It's a true conversation piece. It's the first thing people notice when they walk in. A little creativity goes a long way! :) I hung baubles on it, along with a glass dome with air plants in it, like the following:

If you're too lazy/busy to diy, this website has a spectrum of adorable findings that borders eco-friendly and simple modern, which is right up my alley! ^-^* And they're priced very reasonably. ;)

And they have these sweet wall plant hangers. Don't you love how it brightens up this kitschy little space and brings breathability to an otherwise industrial feeling room? I can't wait til I have a large space where I can implement these!

And how adorable is this herb set for the kitchen? What a cute gift idea. :)

They even have a small fashion section with some decent finds, like this bag. It reminds me of NY! It would be so handy and I could see myself wearing this around Brooklyn on the weekend to throw in my finds from the Brooklyn Flea. ^-^ It's 22 bucks! What a find. :) And it's 100% recycled, just so you can feel extra good about the purchase. ;)

Toodle-ooh ya'll. Have an awesome weekend!