Friday, February 11, 2011

Fashion Week NYC: Jad Ghandour Backstage

Talk about little ol' LA girl getting schooled in NY!!! (well, kind of. ;) ....I filled in last minute for another makeup artist yesterday for the Jad Ghandour (protege to Elie Saab... according to show at Exit Art --I was told an hour before call time. O.O! ...I flew home from across town and packed the essentials out of fear of being late b/c of having to drag an entire case of stuff. Off I went, me and my lil ol' bag of basics. (Plus they usually provide the basic products to complete the look.)

So i show up and there are 3 other makeup artists, then another one shows up. It's a tight clique... ok, no problem, I greet them and I wait and shuffle around on my phone, wait for my cue to start unpacking.:::::... They start unpacking--their industrial-sized suitcases filled to the brim with chanel, face stockholm, everything you can dream of--i mean, ridiculous!!!! Hundreds of lipsticks and every shade possible... these girls didn't hesitate to bring the entire counter with them. I think my jaw dropped a little. And then there was me... I take out my bag of goodies and humbly spread them out on the counter. wah* wah* >.<~! Humbling experience? Yes..sireeeeee... but the girls were super friendly and professional and they were all amazing at what they did.

Then Victor Henao, the key MUA shows up with his entourage who without hesitation start setting up his tools like a well-oiled machine. Then I realize that the girl in the corner who had quietly been prepping a model's face was one of his assistants and, with impeccable timing, she hands the model over to Victor, who does the demo for us. 

It's a straight-forward look, clean skin with a brown liner base by jouer (all the MUA's in NY seem to be in love with this brand right now, and jouer sponsored the look for this show), blended out into a soft, ethereal smokey cat-eye, then blended to perfection with a mix of matte brown e/s and soft, shimmery nude e/s over the top of the lid. A crisp, thin black liner was laid down for clean definition, then curled lashes and natural-ish false lashes were laid on top, topped off with black mascara. Black kohl liner on the bottom water line, smudged out with the same brown e/s used on top lid... Brows weren't too bold but filled in if sparse, defined and elegant, and bronzer was used with a not-too-shy application, and shimmery loose powder was blended out onto the cheekbone for that delicious runway glow. A matte, red lip was topped off with an accent of obsessive compulsive lip gel in the center, last minute--right before the models hit the runway. Voila! Kudos to Victor for such a seamless look. I thought it went beautifully with the line, which... i DIE for!!! the girls looked exquisite in the gowns. 

Here are a couple of my girls:

So, although this wasn't my first NY fashion week show, and although everything ended up going swimmingly... it sure gave me a test on the nerves! But I think being confident in my skills was sufficient. Hey!--you can only do your best, right? >.<~! The models loved their makeup (yay!)!! I mean, considering their faces are touched by the best mua's, that's always validating. And the Designer's bestie... I'll find her on google one of these days! A life-like doll, said she loved my makeup on the girls! Yippeeeee..! Even after gaining confidence in this industry, it's always so rewarding to feel like your work is validated. >.<~! <3 And until I can build my kit up to be 10 feet high, mine will have to do..! :) Plus--!!!! I felt much relieved after vocalizing my awe of the other MUA's impressive kits, one said "15 years in the making, baby!" Whew! I have 7, 8 more years to go... ;)

ps--i'm obsessed with my new discovery gay boy band KAZAKY that my roomie told me about!!! ahhhh~!!!! <3

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