Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My nyc Skincare routine. woop~!

My skin's been pretty low maintenance my whole life til I came to NY. It brought the wrath. I think I finally figured it out, though. Whew~! I was lookin a little rough in the face til recently: (I use 'em in the order presented)

I strolled into Sephora one day a couple months ago and found this gem. So refreshing, makes me feel like I can feel my skin breathing. Stings a little--but in a good way. Like it's doing something awesome on your face. ;D I'd def recommend this toner.

Mah mama got me some o' this here good shit. I dunno. It's cool I guess. Nice n creamy, not too gnarly. Decent eye cream for everyday.

If you haven't had the demo done, go to an SKII counter. You won't believe it til you see it. It's all about their essence, yo...!!!

Ehh... not too sure about this one yet. I like it because it's suuuuper moisturizing, but also don't like it cause it leaves me lookin all greasy face. Meh. Does the job, though, I guess. Note: I have super dry skin so probably not for the oily!

Onto the fun shtuff!!! :D

I saw this on one of my fave blogs. This cover makes me wanna pee mahself. So gorgeous..! <3

So one of my clients, who is a Makeup Video Guru~ is coming in to do a look inspired by this video:

Isn't this girl ridiculous?? (Promise Phan's her name) Amazing!! She knows her face so well. Kudos to her mad skills~! 

 I bid you adieu with these deliciously gorgeous faces found on Vogue Spain:

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  1. ok so that chicky Promise is RIDICULOUS! seriously - my jaw was dropped open the entire time. oooh, also let me know how that conditioner/eye cream work.. I keep forgetting to use the eye stuff.