Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wow it's been a minute. ^-^*

Let's play picture ketchup: Here is a beautiful Bride, Roxanne, whose wedding I had the pleasure of doing in Rhode Island a few weeks back. Congrats to the gorgeous couple! ^-^* Pictures courtesy of Snap!photoraphy...

I enjoyed some quality time with my NY family riding along the Hudson this past week... :)

She's growing so quickly~!! Little monster's 4 months now. :]

I had fun working on a music video for Yip Deceiver recently. Google it. They're pretty sweet. 
The shot: dancing nuns with crazy neon makeup. Yup. 

Shot in Brooklyn; twas fun. Here's a look at the mess I made while working:
Please don't judge me. I feel like I'm showing my underwear drawer... a MUA's workspace is so revealing. But sharing is caring. ^-~*

The girls sitting in for camera set-up. 

One of my dearest friends was here in NY for her bachelorette weekend. ^-~* I'll let the pictures speak of the fun (& fat) that was had:

And for those that have not seen the McQueen Exhibit yet, I highly, highly, highly urge you to go. He was undoubtedly one of the most gifted geniuses of our time. His work is ethereal, magical... godly.

Au revoir beauté~! ;)

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  1. if i dont see the McQueen exhibit, I may. just. die. :(

    your pics are awesome and youre gorgeous. love it!!! keep up the great work.