Friday, October 21, 2011

newwww peectureeees!!! :D

I spent the past month breaking up with my boyfriend, moving to LA, roadtripping to Colorado, and doing photoshoots (amongst catching up with friends!)... weeeeeee...!!! lol. It's been hectic. Anypoo, here are some picky pics. ;D 'cause that's all we really care about, right? ^-~*

So I had the good fortune of collaborating with an amazing team on a project entitled "A Melting Pot of Thoughts," spearheaded by Mai Bui, one of the founders of 13 Minutes Magazine. It's a compilation of short stories with authors ranging from creatives to scholars. Mai wanted to give the Asian community a voice in an uplifting, light-hearted yet profound read. Keep posted! It'll be published soon!

So we were shooting the cover of the book, whose forward was written by the gorgeous Michelle Krusiec, the actress. Here are some terrible-quality photos from the shoot: (haha!)

This is a "before" photo of Michelle I found online while researching her.

This is a terrible iphone snapshot during the prep on set.
This is Michelle in a traditional Vietnamese dress. Gorgeous huh? :)

Yesterday I swooped in last minute to fill the place of a makeup artist who flaked (TERRIBLE!!!) at Studio 1444 in Hollywood, run by my good friend Alen. But it was auspicious for meeee... because I got to work with aspiring pop artist Tracy! She's a sweetheart from Florida with a delicious voice.

This is one of her last looks of the photoshoot.
Alright ya'll! Have an awesome weekend. Btw I saw Paranormal 3 last night and almost peed my pants. >:T One of those cheap scare typa movies but it WORKED!!!

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