Saturday, June 11, 2011

Preview/Backstage on Elle Vietnam

I went to the Hamptons for the first time (hello Ina Garten!!!) to assist Nam Vo on a photoshoot for Elle Vietnam. Worked with: 

Photographer Louis Christopher
Stylist Andrew Holden
Hairstylist Yoichi Tomizawa

The house was gorgeous, the model Milla was adorable (from Silent Agency, Paris), everyone worked their butt off and it was fun with great energy the whole time. Nam worked her magic! She has a wonderful instinct for colors. She did a moody red, gorgeous plum, fire engine red, and pale nude lip with washed out 'dusty' eyes.

The model was growing in her eyebrows and we didn't have a bleaching kit, so we mixed heavily pigmented Concealer with white cream foundation and coated it on the eyebrow with a mascara wand, then powdered and repeated a few times to fake the bleached-out look.

Pics of model courtesy Nam.

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