Monday, June 13, 2011

weekend randoms@renegade craft fair, brooklyn

i went to the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend with the ny family (my bf and our dog :)

basically, if etsy and anthropologie had babies and those babies were on crack... that was rcf. it was a mile long and we literally zipped through and i just snapped away at the places that really caught me eye. sorry the pictures suck i only had my iphone.


this place had a magnifying glass for the figure inside. it was that small.

checkers art. i guess alot of people like that.

peg and awl was definitely in my top 3. teeny tiny books on necklaces so you could write to your beloved. they can then lovingly wear your  whimsical thoughts around their necks. 
or you could just jot notes down if you're a goldfish like me.

 photo courtesy
photo courtesy

 rad bag. out of my price range. tear* but definitely worth the splurge if you can. :)

can't really tell in this pic but this place had an adorable display...

more cute displays...

gorgeous ceramic work...

this place was another top 3 contender... "wood work.." art, jewelry.. they had it all. and all was beautiful.

this one was just too cool for school with all the graphics and artwork: 

my dumby self didn't get the info to this place: every cute-obsessed girl's fantasy land.

...GLITTERRRRRRrrrrrRRrrrRrrr..!!! :D

this is my number one!!!: georgia varidakis jewelry. 
puchased a necklace and earring (just one) bronze cast from coral. i wear it on my left ear and i've received so many compliments i'm growing quite tired of it all. lol! but i lost it a couple days ago and i haven't been able to concentrate since. i felt lost and alone in this world without my beloved little coral earring so we went to brooklyn and hunted her down and mr. bf got me another one. :] 

she's got a gift. coming from a family of jewelers i've seen it all, and it's pretty much all the same shit. not this, my friends. 

 georgia's rad bronze iphone case. rad.

 cute soap display. <3

i saw this old-school printing and immediately thought of my cousin debbie, and how she would wet her pants. she's all about fonts.

it's not a complete day without some adorable puppy time. :)

clever little mugs. why do you look at me.

goodbye. :)

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  1. YES!!!!!!!!!! I love love love this. You know me too well. HAHAHAHA! the lil books are absolutely adorable too.