Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene sucks.

But my blog doesn't. Haha! I'm probably growing more delirious (and cheesy) by the moment. O.o It's entirely psychological, I admit it, but knowing that you simply don't have a choice in staying in makes ya squirmy! So I figured I'd scribble in some photo notes on my blog while I'm stuck.  ;)

I did the makeup for a particularly awesome bride the other weekend, and she had her wedding at a venue called Oheka Castle in Long Island, which was absolutely spectacular. (Google it!) Here are a couple snap shots from my little iphone. They were a very inspiring couple. Dashing, successful, and clearly in love... but mostly they were awesome because they're genuine, caring, wonderful people. 

The venue was lovely, and it was very fitting for the couple it was setting the stage for. <3

Here are a couple before and afters of another bride and bridesmaid, too.

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